An unobjective guide to Lost Forum sites and message boards focusing on the Lost TV series from ABC.

Filmfodder Lost Forum

Filmfodder Lost Forum
Blue and white color theme. The Fodder Network's Lost Forum linked to the website.

Alexa ranking: High, but not just Lost.

Are You Lost Forum - UK

Green color theme. A forum site for Lost fans on the UK broadcast schedule. Avoid posting U.S./Canada spoilers here, since the UK Lost TV season starts after the U.S./Canada Lost season begins. Also known as

Alexa ranking: 500,000-750,000, but will go up during the UK Lost TV broadcast season.

Buddy TV Lost Forum

Buddy TV Lost Forum
White and blue on black and grey color theme. An active forum that is associated with The Tailsection. Listing over 18,000 threads.

Alexa ranking: High, but not just Lost. Since Lost has a large share of this site, a rough estimate is 10,000-25,000.

MFC's Lost Forum

MFC's Lost Forum
Purple on Blue color theme. A proboards forum for Lost.

Alexa ranking: Medium, but also includes other proboards forums in data.

Fan Forum's Lost Forum

Fan Forum Lost Forum
Blue-green on blue-green color theme. A Lost related forum on a site with forums on a lot of other TV shows.

Alexa ranking: High, fut not just for the Lost forum.

The Fuselage

The Fuselage

Green and grey on black color theme. Sponsored by the creators of Lost.

Alexa Rank: 25k-50k

Television Without Pity

Television Without Pity Lost Forum
Red and black on white colors. A Lost forum on a site with a lot of other shows.

Sometimes can be a bit intimidating for newbies.

Alexa ranking: High, but not just Lost.

TV.Com Lost Forum Lost Forum
Blue and white color theme. An Lost forum section on a general TV site.

This is an "edited" forum. Not sure what that means, since I haven't signed up, but there is a listed forum editor.

Alexa ranking: High, but not just Lost.

ABC Message Boards

Official ABC Message Boards
This is the official ABC website. Relatively simple software, and less user-friendly. However, this is the "official" message board, and sometimes some inside info is given.

Get Lost Forum

Get-Lost Forum
Blue and greay color theme. Seems like a completely inactive forum. Nothing going on there as of our last check.

Alexa ranking: NA